In Vogue (CSOTU)

 In vogue, definition: the current fashion or style


It’s the Current State of the Union, version 2.0!



Bold Colors: Red, Pink, you name it. Stand out in color while everyone’s wardrobe shifts into the traditional muted palettes.

FLORALS!? I know, I feel like I’m making this list for spring – but it’s confirmed by several fashion designers! Florals are in this fall.

Silver (lame or otherwise) and glitter are totally in right now. Just make sure you don’t cross the line from couture into tacky.


Thrasher. Seriously let it die already.

Chokers: First it was the giant statement necklaces, then it was every incarnation of chokers. Don’t be ashamed to wear the occasional choker, but it’s time to give other statement jewelry a chance.

Shredded Sweaters: I know it’s tempting this fall, but it’s time to do better for yourself.


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