White Out I


One day until the August White Party.

“Hey Gen.”

“Heyyy  – been meaning to text you I’ve got exciting news!”

“I’ve got some news too…,” I sent it.

“I’m kinda trapped-” I typed out.

“I’m going to the white party!” she responded before I could. I backspaced.

“That’s awesome, what made you change your mind?”

“Haven’t seen you in forever,” she replied.

“Yeah, sorry about that…”

“I love parties. Are you ready for the fun to begin?” it wasn’t Gen, it was the executioner, or stalker, or vigilante; I wasn’t sure what to call them.

“What do you want?” I replied.

“What’s your news Mass?” It was Gen.

“I’ve got myself into a situation of sorts, I could use some help but please don’t tell anyone,” I replied.

“Tell Dylan and Kristen that you are no Alpha. Cut them off. They belong to Alicia now,” it was them again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I responded. What is their connection to Alicia?

“What kind of situation?” Gen replied.

“Make it convincing, I’ll be watching,” they replied.

“This is ridiculous,” I replied.

“What is ridiculous, Mass?” Gen replied.

“Wrong person sorry,” I replied back. Damnit. Now I’m getting all mixed up. I wiped a tear rolling down my cheek.

“What’s your game, psycho? How do you know about that?” How long have they been watching me?”

“Careful who you call names, thief. Anyone with a pair of eyes can see you and the wannabe-Alpha split up,” they replied.

“Massie what is going on??” Gen replied.

“I need you to help me find…an outfit for the White Party. Can we meet right now? At my house?” I replied.

“That’s it? Really?” she replied.

“See you there, ;)” replied the stalker.

“Yes, please?” I said.


I sat on my front steps in my nike sneaks and matching outfit. As Gen pulled into the driveway I ran to meet her at her car.

“Hey Massie!” She reached out for a hug which I dodged, grabbing her phone out of her hand, which I promptly threw into her car and shut the door.

“Ok what the fu-” she started.

“I’ll explain later. Come with me.”

I guided her past my house into the woods behind my house.  We started walking onto my horse trail.

“Mind the horse poop,” I said.


“Ok! Somebody is stalking and harassing me,” I blurted out.

“Ok…for the first time I have nothing witty to say,” Gen replied.

“It all started when the fire alarm went off, I mean, when I set it off. I was stealing information off of Jessica’s computer for Evelyn Bellamy because I wanted my job back.”

“That explains why you were soaking wet. Go on…” I noted the change of tone in her voice.

“And somebody knows and they are harassing me and trying to ruin my life.”

“Can’t say it’s not well deserved,” she snarked.

“Yes I get that now,” I replied bitterly, “but it was a mistake I know that. All I do is make mistakes because…I don’t why. It was great to scheme and lie and deceive in middle school but now I can’t stop. I don’t know how to change. I can’t tell what’s ambition and what’s deceit. I don’t want to be a loser my whole life but moving up in the world is also me stepping on other people.”

“That’s why I hate our world,” she replied.

“What am I supposed to do? This person is going to ruin me,” I said.

“Ok back up. What did you steal from Jessica’s computer.”

“I don’t know, files.”


“I don’t know.”

“Ok…not smart. What did you get out of it?”

“An employment contract for next summer,” I said.

“And did you read all of it?” she asked.

“Yes, every single word.”

“Do you think it’s Evelyn?”

“I doubt it…”



“Because this person knows that I fell out with Alicia. They know my friends are Dylan and Kris. I feel like they have to be around my age. But there’s just nobody it could be. Unless it’s Alicia, but then I don’t understand how she knows what I did for Evelyn.”

“It could be one of the other Exude employees! Or even an intern. Think about it, it the business was being handled by Evelyn maybe something leaked, or someone was being nosey as per usual.”

“But who? And why would they care so much about ruining my life? It just feels so personal.”

Gen shrugged. I groaned.

“They want me to basically disown Dyl and Kris at the party tomorrow. Tell them to go be friends with Alicia.”

“You’re right, that is pretty personal. I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you just have to face the consequences.” she said.

“And just let this person wreck my life, for how long?”

“I’m not saying that. I’m saying you’re backed into a corner.”

“Will you help me?” I pleaded, “I’m sorry. I know this is a betrayal to you. But please, help me find out who this is.”

She paused for a long moment before replying with a sigh, “Fine. But I can’t stop what’s happening tomorrow. You’re going to have to do what they say until we figure out who it is.”

I nearly tackle-hugged her, “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you-“

“Ugh. Just…don’t do this shit again.” she replied.

“I know, I’m sorry,” I replied. I wish I had meant it, but I’ve been in this position so many times before. Who knows how many times it will take for me to truly learn my lesson?

“Hmm…you know, I have a small idea,” Gen interrupted my thought bubble. I released her from my embrace.

“It’s not a guarantee, but how else is this person going to know if you follow their instructions unless they are also going to be there?”

I smiled, she was right. I already know they’re connected to me somehow.

“How do we catch them?” I replied.

“Well of course you’re going to need my help,” Gen flipped her hair back and smirked, “but I guess that’s what friends do.”

“Hey, again I’m really-“

“Don’t be sorry anymore. At least you’re giving me something fun to do at this party,” she replied. I smiled.

“Never a dull moment with me,” I replied, “so, what’s the plan?”

My word is my Bond, 

Massie Block 

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