In Order of Post Appearance

Evelyn Bellamy

The director for Exude, and exclusive and massive stylist company. The company has offices in New York, London, LA, Paris, and Milan, and Westchester – where the company was founded. Land an internship or job here for even just awhile and you can get a job anywhere in fashion – that is if you can survive Evelyn Bellamy. Not, she may not be Anna Wintour (or her movie counterpart Miranda Priestly) but she’s something. Try terrifying, high-strung, resourceful, and blunt. But also effortlessly fabulous, with a beautiful smile and rosy cheeks. If you didn’t know who she was, you’d hope she would throw some attention your way. Of course, being who she is it’s better to go unrecognized – attention is bad attention, meaning you’re going to get fired. Ouch!

Jessica Westwood

Head of the data entry department at Exude. Yes – there’s an entire department. Don’t call her Mrs. Westwood though! She hates that, or so I’ve been told. She seems have a certain disdain for the fashion world, despite working for a major fashion company. What’s her deal?

Genevieve Montenegro

Fc: Ksenia Solo (not claiming, just using) 

A seemingly quirky, quick-witted data entry employee. She may not be a mainstream Alpha but she’s definitely the queen of the department. Her and Jessica seem a little tense around each other – what’s up with that? Personally, I’d be more careful how I act toward someone who can fire me.

Unnamed Female Character

I know the suspense is killing you…

Unnamed Male Character