Adjustment II

July 27th, 2016 – cont. 

Gen slammed the door shut, squinting her eyes at Jessica as she left. It was like she was trying to throw daggers at Jessica with her mind. I stood there awkwardly, thrown in the mix.

“So, stake-out?” I offered, trying to cut the tension.

Gen’s face instantly changed from angry to amused, “oh, we’re going to catch this bitch and I already have a plan. It’s pretty simple. I’m going to have wings tomorrow. I’ll douse my wings in capsaicin hot sauce and then dust it with chili powder,” Gen said.

“What,” I replied, “what is capsaicin?”


“The hottest hot sauce,” she replied, “it’s hotter than ghost peppers. And it’s odorless. They won’t see it coming, er, smell it coming.”

“Don’t you think that a little…extreme?” I replied.

“Mass, lunch-stealers are right up there with car thieves and bank robbers. It’s the most passive-aggressive way to say ‘I don’t respect other people’s property!'”

“What if they puke or like, die?” I replied.

Gen sighed, “they probably won’t get past the first few bites. Besides, I don’t like when people mess with me. What do you do when people step on your toes?”

I shut my mouth. I’m really not one to talk, but then I remembered we are trying to find out who the thief is not set their mouth on fire.

“Wait,” I said, “but how is this going to help you find out who is stealing your lunch?”

“Did we not just have this conversation a minute ago? Get back to work!” Jessica reappeared out of nowhere.

“I’m on my ten-minute, boss,” Gen replied.

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Adjustment I

July 13th, 2016


After a nice warm shower I sat down at my desk, getting ready to update In Vogue. As I was finishing up I got a new message on AIM. Plenty of people have abandoned AIM but I can’t bear to part with my nostalgia. It was Alicia.

HolaGurrl: is it tru? data entry lol

MassieKur: where have u been!?

HolaGurrl: phone died + sooooooo busy sorry

MassieKur: some1 set me up! need u 2 help me find out who

HolaGurrl: how do u know?

MassieKur: some1 literally called my clients and said I didn’t work there

HolaGurrl: oh shit! did u tell EB that?

MassieKur: she knew, fired me anyway 🙂 I love life

HolaGurrl: 😦 ill b lonely now. im on it!

MassieKur: keep me updated – theyre going down!

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Shift II

July 13th, 2016

As I exited Evelyn Bellamy’s office, I looked around for Leesh but she had disappeared. Luckily, as I took my walk of shame the other interns were too busy to gawk at me. Only a few side glances and sly smiles breached my bubble. I wanted to look for Leesh but considering I almost got fired I didn’t want to be seen wasting time. As I stepped into the elevator my mind was immediately whisked away as reality gripped me. I was set up. I lost my intern position. I agreed to work in data entry because I didn’t want to lose all my footing in this company. I was angry, and all that in-the-moment zen bullshit was wearing off. My queen-bee urges were kicking back in. I had to find out who did this, if not to get revenge, I should at least know who is out to get me. That’s reasonable, right? I nodded to myself.


This was the floor. There were several gray hallways leading off the different offices. I stopped to look for the data entry office on the map, and it pointed me down an unimpressive hallway with linoleum floors.


Click click click. 

My heels echoed loudly as I shuffled down the hall. As a women of the upper society, the sound of heels clicking against the floor was something I was accustomed to. But for some reason I felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t particularly quiet as I could hear papers shuffling, phones ringing, and the hum of voices. But it wasn’t the same. The buzz of people hustling around mixed with catty conversations, side-eyes, and noses in the air was gone.

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New post coming soon!

Attention all Alphas, Cliques, and Wannabes! I’ve finally written another post that just needs a bit of polishing. Stay tuned, it’s coming tomorrow, May 10th. Let’s make this summer an interesting one. f6840360d17f6e6e853d597648946272


Shift I

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.”  – Janet Fitch

July 13th, 2016

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! I unlatched my Chanel boy bag, whipping out my iPhone. An unhealthy level of dread filled my body. Seeing the number on the screen, I knew it was a client I had booked for the August White Party. My fate was sealed.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi, this is Massie right?” The voice said.

“This is she,” I replied.

“Yes, I’m calling on behalf of Irina Price. Unfortunately, she already has a stylist for the White Party.” the voice replied.

“Thanks for letting me know,” I choked.

“Have a nice day,” the voice replied. I hung up the phone.

I paced in the break room back and forth, clicking my Louboutin heels on the cold, hard floor. I was trying to figure out exactly where my plan had all gone wrong. Somewhere between reaching out through my connections, getting people to let Exude style them for the White Party, and following through, everything went wrong. All of the clients I was trying to pull in either vanished, or backed out on me. Alicia, on the other hand, had drones of clients, and she was doing better than anybody else. I was trying not to be jealous, but the only person I had left was Dylan’s mother, which just wasn’t enough. As soon as I plopped down in a chair, one of Evelyn’s assistant, Vanessa, strolled into the break room.  My ponytail swung as I whipped my head around. I straightened my back, as to not appear lazy but attentive.

“There you are, intern,” she said sternly, “Evelyn needs to speak with you in her office immediately.” I paused for a moment, as I felt a wave of confusion wash over me. What?

“Well?” she said.

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Maturity II

July 8th, 2016

Intense: an understatement when describing Exude’s director, Evelyn Bellamy. She’s like a hundred thousand strings tightly woven together, each only relying on the next to stay in place. When all these strings come together they form a dazzling design, so beautiful nobody can look away. But this comes at a cost, because she can’t do everything by herself. All it takes if for one string to be pulled too tight, or left too lose, and the design will unravel. As an intern, it’s an amazing oppertunity to be one of these strings, but the pressure is insane. On top of this immense pressure, Alicia and I were surprised to find out that not only were we both hired as interns, so were fifteen other girls, and within the first two days, five were booted. I knew the fashion industry was intense, but Exude Inc. had apparently decided it was going to drive out as many aspiring girls, as quickly as possible. I wasn’t exactly sure why Exude chose to run an intern bootcamp, but I didn’t have much time to ponder.

The office was immensely cramped, with interns dashing in and out on coffee runs, dog walks, dry cleaning pickups, organizing files, moving boxes of clutter, carrying garment bags, and tedious data entry. All in the meantime, the hired staff got to sit back and watch as the interns struggled with their jobs. I had my fair share on menial tasks to accomplish, but I kept telling myself it would be worth it. And I definitely didn’t want to feel the full force of Evelyn Bellamy’s ire. On the plus side, because of the amount of work needed to get done, Alicia and I found it better to work with each other, rather than against each other. Pretty soon it was obvious we were outperforming everyone else, and even that wasn’t impressive enough for Evelyn Bellamy.

“Interns!” Evelyn’s assistant bellowed, “Gather…now!”

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Maturity I – START HERE

June 15th, 2016

It was way too hot outside. Lucky for me, my indoor pool just received a major upgrade. White marbled flooring replaced the ugly tan tiles, and a brand-new, large hot tub was added onto the pool. Crisp all-white chairs, and a glass table, adorned the corner, replacing the drab, cheap furnishing that once occupied the space. It was here that the Pretty Committee, minus Kristen, who was late, was congregating today. I brought a tray of snacks from the kitchen, and set it down on the table. Alicia eyed me up, and motioned towards Dylan.

“Is this ok, Dyl?” I said.

“It’s great! I love fruit,” Dylan insisted. She promptly shoved some grapes in her mouth. I smiled warily, and turned towards Alicia.

“Leesh, you said Kristen was on her way, like, half and hour ago. What’s the hold up?”

“The hell if I’m supposed to know. I offered her a ride, but she said no,” Leesh replied,  “Can’t you just tell us the news already?”

“Sorry I’m late…” Kristen shuffled through the door, down the stairs, and walked slowly towards the empty chair, plopping down in it like she had just run a marathon,”Claire’s not here?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Claire’s in Florida, remember? You’ve been working your summer job for like three days, and you’re already forgetting stuff.”

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I’m back, but why?

Wow! It’s been roughly two years since I logged into my account. I know most people have left the blogging hemisphere, so if you’re reading this, thank you for following me! I’m not sure where to start. I’m happy to say I made it out of high school and into college, which is everything I had hoped for and more. At a risk of writing a novel about my personal life, I’m going to stop there. I want to address why I am back; I want to finish what I started. One of my main problems with writing is that I often abandon story ideas. (sometimes after putting hours, days, or weeks into them!) Therefore, I have resolved to finish what I had planned for this blog, even if nobody reads it. I’m not sure if I’m going to rewrite some of the posts or just continue where I left off. Either way, I won’t have time during the fall semester to write, edit, and publish posts. Perhaps I will pre-write my posts this summer and upload them during the fall, since I like the posts to match the time of year. Either way, I am committed to finishing this story. Oh! And before I forgot, I intend to continue using my FC. Hope you enjoy!

My word is my bond,

Massie Block