Shift II

July 13th, 2016

As I exited Evelyn Bellamy’s office, I looked around for Leesh but she had disappeared. Luckily, as I took my walk of shame the other interns were too busy to gawk at me. Only a few side glances and sly smiles breached my bubble. I wanted to look for Leesh but considering I almost got fired I didn’t want to be seen wasting time. As I stepped into the elevator my mind was immediately whisked away as reality gripped me. I was set up. I lost my intern position. I agreed to work in data entry because I didn’t want to lose all my footing in this company. I was angry, and all that in-the-moment zen bullshit was wearing off. My queen-bee urges were kicking back in. I had to find out who did this, if not to get revenge, I should at least know who is out to get me. That’s reasonable, right? I nodded to myself.


This was the floor. There were several gray hallways leading off the different offices. I stopped to look for the data entry office on the map, and it pointed me down an unimpressive hallway with linoleum floors.


Click click click. 

My heels echoed loudly as I shuffled down the hall. As a women of the upper society, the sound of heels clicking against the floor was something I was accustomed to. But for some reason I felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t particularly quiet as I could hear papers shuffling, phones ringing, and the hum of voices. But it wasn’t the same. The buzz of people hustling around mixed with catty conversations, side-eyes, and noses in the air was gone.

Click click click.

As I walked through the doorway to the data entry office my heels were finally padded by the nude carpet filling the entire floor. Thank god.

“Can I help you?” a woman said. She was leaning forward in the first desk, phone resting on her shoulder as she was clearly mid-conversation.

“Yes, I was just hired in data entry.” I replied.

“What? When?” she looked confused, “I’m going to have to call you back Patricia.” She slammed down the phone and stared at me, demanding an answer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve faced off against plenty of other queen-bees and wannabes but this woman made me uncomfortable.

“Today, about five or so minutes ago. By Evelyn Bellamy herself.” I was beginning to get anxious.

She mumbled something inaudible before shooting up from her chair and sighing, “Of course. You ever work in data entry?”

“Well, not exactly,” I replied.

She simply rolled her eyes and began walking back further in the office. I followed.

“Wait!” I said, chasing after her, “But I’m a quick learner and I’m proficient at using a computer…and I promise I’m a hard-worker.” Come on, it’s data entry, it’s practically an entry level-job. Why is she giving me a hard time?

She stopped, shrugged, and then said “Fine. Gen!”

She walked to a double-cuticle, where a pale brunette was playing on her phone.

“Earth to Gen!” the woman said.

Gen looked up slowly, visibly annoyed at the intrusion “Yes?”

“This is-” the woman paused, “what’s you’re name?”

“Massie Block,” I said.

“Right, well, she’s just been hired and you’re going to train her. No debating.”

Gen gave me the up and down, “Really?”

“You’re the only one with a double-cuticle. Teach her the basics of the system and entry today and tomorrow.” She turned to me, “You start your two-week trial period Monday. Hours are nine to four, sometimes five. I want you to show up tomorrow but not Friday. I have to assign you a work schedule, since the position is only part-time, and get some paperwork done. You’ll need to fill out some paperwork too and you need to get an employee handbook. Got it?”

I nodded.

“Good, and don’t be late,” she turned to Gen, “And don’t argue with me.”

The woman turned around, ponytail swinging, and walked back towards the front of the offices.

I glanced back to Gen, who looked utterly unimpressed by my presence.

“So…I guess we should get started then” I said.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I sat down in the empty office chair, powering on the computer.

“I know girls like you. Are you sure you didn’t get lost on your way to the upstairs offices? I understand people like you are directionally challenged.”

I wanted to bite back, I did, but I managed to hold my tongue for just a moment before replying, “Well, truth is, I was an intern-“

“Knew it.” she cut me off.

“But,” I emphasized, “Someone sabotaged me and got me fired. I was offered a job here so I took it. Problem?”

She shook her head no, “Intriguing. You were backstabbed and swallowed your pride enough to work amongst us commoners?”

“I guess?” I said.

“Scoot over to my computer, I’ll show you the basics.” the tone in her voiced had completely changed. It was almost… friendly.

“Oh, um, who was that woman? I didn’t catch her name.” I asked.

“That’s Jessica, she’s the head of data entry. Don’t call her Mrs. Westwood, she hates that. Just Jessica.” Gen replied, entering her log in.

“Wait, that’s the boss? Why was she sitting way in the front at a secretary desk?”

“She said she hates being closed off, but really, she’s just claustrophobic.” Gen replied, “Here, look, this is what I do all day. Fun right?” She turned her screen to face me more.

“Oh, super exciting,” I replied sarcastically.

Gen smiled, “I think you and I are going to get along just fine.”

I smiled back, “For sure.”

We gazed at each other for a moment and smiled. It was kind, and natural, something I wasn’t used to.

“Ok, now look at this…” she turned back to the monitor…


“How was your day at work, Miss Block?” Isaac asked as I hopped into the car.

“Oh, you’re gonna find out!” I replied. After staring at a screen for three hours learning the basics of data entry, despite my pleasant experience with Gen, I wasn’t in a particularly good mood. I whipped my iPhone out of my purse and immediately called Kristen and Dylan.

“Great timing, Mass” Kristin said, “you called just as I went on break.”

“Heyyy!” Dylan said.

“Let’s skip the small talk, ladies. I got backstabbed and fired today. Oh, and I can’t get a hold of Leesh.”

“No way!” Dylan responded.

“What happened?” Kristen inquired.

“Someone was calling potential clients that I brought in saying I didn’t work at Exude! And my boss admitted I was sabotaged but had to fire me anyway!”

“And you think Leesh did this?” Dylan asked.

“What? I didn’t say that” I replied.

“Oh, oops” Dylan replied, before funneling some berries into her mouth.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I demanded.

“Nothing…” Dylan replied.

There was a second of silence before Kristen replied, “It just sounded like that, since you guys have a history”

“Oh come on! That is so ninth grade,” I cleared my throat, “Ladies, try to remember that this is a new era. We’re juniors this fall and we have to start thinking about the future. I refuse to be stuck in the past, got it? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation as to why Leesh isn’t texting me back.”

“So…who got you fired?” Kristen asked.

“I have no idea, but I intend to find out.” I replied.

“Oooo what’s your plan of action?” Dylan asked.

“Here’s the situation. I managed to get hired in data entry, which is so beneath me but I’m still in the company. Plus Leesh is still interning, and those bitches love to gossip. Someone will spill.”

“And then we take them down?” Dylan asked.

I paused. I was trying to turn over a new leaf…but on the other hand, this person jeopardized my future and the company. They shouldn’t be working at a professional fashion company. That’s not pettiness, that’s justice.

“Oh, I’ll make sure they never cross me again,” I replied, my lips forming a familiar smirk across my face.


My word is my bond,

Massie Block 

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