Maturity II

July 8th, 2016

Intense: an understatement when describing Exude’s director, Evelyn Bellamy. She’s like a hundred thousand strings tightly woven together, each only relying on the next to stay in place. When all these strings come together they form a dazzling design, so beautiful nobody can look away. But this comes at a cost, because she can’t do everything by herself. All it takes if for one string to be pulled too tight, or left too lose, and the design will unravel. As an intern, it’s an amazing oppertunity to be one of these strings, but the pressure is insane. On top of this immense pressure, Alicia and I were surprised to find out that not only were we both hired as interns, so were fifteen other girls, and within the first two days, five were booted. I knew the fashion industry was intense, but Exude Inc. had apparently decided it was going to drive out as many aspiring girls, as quickly as possible. I wasn’t exactly sure why Exude chose to run an intern bootcamp, but I didn’t have much time to ponder.

The office was immensely cramped, with interns dashing in and out on coffee runs, dog walks, dry cleaning pickups, organizing files, moving boxes of clutter, carrying garment bags, and tedious data entry. All in the meantime, the hired staff got to sit back and watch as the interns struggled with their jobs. I had my fair share on menial tasks to accomplish, but I kept telling myself it would be worth it. And I definitely didn’t want to feel the full force of Evelyn Bellamy’s ire. On the plus side, because of the amount of work needed to get done, Alicia and I found it better to work with each other, rather than against each other. Pretty soon it was obvious we were outperforming everyone else, and even that wasn’t impressive enough for Evelyn Bellamy.

“Interns!” Evelyn’s assistant bellowed, “Gather…now!”

We all shuffled around Evelyn’s assistant.

“What now?” Alicia murmured, “Did someone puke in the bathroom again?”

“Listen up, interns! As all of you should know, the biggest summer event is right around the corner. And we are heavily overstaffed, due to a rival company, again, you should know who I am talking about, stealing our clients. So, the director is giving all of you a chance to prove yourself. Use your connections and get us more clients attending the August White Party, or even better, steal back our previous clients. I want to be understaffed in one week!” A wave of excitement flowed through the interns. It was a perfect oppertunity to make a real impression outside of menial intern work.

“Don’t get too excited interns! We will be judging you. Anyone who fails to bring in clients will be booted without recommendation.” She warned.

“Can we work in teams?” I asked.

“I couldn’t care less what you do, dear. Back to work!” She commanded.

Immediately the interns dispersed back into various parts of the office. We all carried on our normal tasks but the mood had shifted. We all had a reachable goal now, and I could see the wheels turning in each intern’s brain. Well, most of them anyway. After I finished sorting through a box of all-blue belts, I joined Alicia in the cafeteria for some scheming, aka lunch.

“Did you text Dylan yet?” I asked, “her mom is definitely someone we want to utilize.”

“Done. Too bad we can’t use Kristen here.” Alicia replied.

“Done rule her our yet, she does babysit for a bunch of socialites.” I replied.

“Oh, duh. You’re so clever, Mass.” Her words were sincere but there was something off about her tone.

“I try…” I replied, cautiously. She pulled out a compact and began to fuss with her hair.

“So…is it true that Nina is coming back in a few weeks?”

“No way. I made sure of it. I don’t need her stressing me out right now.”

“Thank God.” I sighed.

“I made her parents believe she was pregnant. Now they won’t even let her near boys” She snickered.

“You don’t think that’s a bit much?”

“No way. She’s been bad-mouthing me to family members. Now it’s her turn to be gossiped about,” She paused,”Ugh. I gotta go fix my hair. We’re still getting mani-pedi’s today, right?”

“For sure” I replied.

“See you later!” She replied cheerfully. She shoved her compact in her Chanel, leaving her tray of half-eaten food on the table, and disappeared. Maturity: we all go at our own pace. Who am I to judge? I whipped out my phone and updated Kristen on the situation. They better rub my feet extra hard at the salon; it’s gonna be one hell of a week.

My word is my bond,

Massie Block 

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