Maturity I – START HERE

June 15th, 2016

It was way too hot outside. Lucky for me, my indoor pool just received a major upgrade. White marbled flooring replaced the ugly tan tiles, and a brand-new, large hot tub was added onto the pool. Crisp all-white chairs, and a glass table, adorned the corner, replacing the drab, cheap furnishing that once occupied the space. It was here that the Pretty Committee, minus Kristen, who was late, was congregating today. I brought a tray of snacks from the kitchen, and set it down on the table. Alicia eyed me up, and motioned towards Dylan.

“Is this ok, Dyl?” I said.

“It’s great! I love fruit,” Dylan insisted. She promptly shoved some grapes in her mouth. I smiled warily, and turned towards Alicia.

“Leesh, you said Kristen was on her way, like, half and hour ago. What’s the hold up?”

“The hell if I’m supposed to know. I offered her a ride, but she said no,” Leesh replied,  “Can’t you just tell us the news already?”

“Sorry I’m late…” Kristen shuffled through the door, down the stairs, and walked slowly towards the empty chair, plopping down in it like she had just run a marathon,”Claire’s not here?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Claire’s in Florida, remember? You’ve been working your summer job for like three days, and you’re already forgetting stuff.”

Kristen rolled her eyes before saying, “So, why are we here?”

I paused for a moment, studying their faces. Dylan kept her eyes on her food, while Kristen and Alicia glared at me. Kristen was obviously frustrated, but from what I could not tell. My first instinct was exhaustion, but she didn’t look tired. Instead her stare was vacant, like she was actually looking past me, her real attention on her thoughts. Alicia, on the other hand, was visibly irritated. “Impatient” was written all over her face, with one eyebrow slightly raised. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was because she was supposed to leave for Spain soon, and was having pre-vacation jitters. But much to my dismay, it was obvious she was impatient with me. The Pretty Committee went through too much sophomore year, and it was a miracle we were all still friends. But, everything happens for a reason, and that’s why I called everyone together. I wanted to keep moving forward. I cleared my throat.

“I applied for a summer internship with Exude. And I got accepted!”

“Wait, like, the Exude Fashion? As in the people who style, like, half of the socialites on the upper east side” Dylan gushed. Alicia looked flabbergasted.

“Wait, but they never accept high schoolers as interns,” Kristen snapped to attention. 

“Well if they were going to take any high schooler, who else besides me? I’m really trying to focus on my future career, you know? A little less high school a little more growing up,” I said. 

It was at this point I noticed Alicia hadn’t said a word. She just looked down awkwardly at the ground, avoiding eye contact. 

“Leesh, is my pedicure chipping or something?” I said.

At this moment she whipped her head up, and stared me straight in the eyes, “I also applied for an Exude internship, I start next week too.”

I’m sure my eye twitched, “I thought you were spending the summer in Spain.”

“I can go to Spain anytime I want. They never take high schoolers, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” she snapped back.

I took in a deep breath. A little less high school and a little more growing up, right? Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a-

“It’s not like you told me, or anyone else, that you were applying. Are we going to have a problem?” Alicia said. 

I smiled uncomfortably, “It’s whatever. I mean, it’s just an internship.”

In a competitive, relentless industry. I was going to eat my words.

My word in my bond,

Massie Block

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